Does the Internet Need Control Or Censorship for the Freedom of Speech and Expression?

Does the Internet need control or censorship for the freedom of speech and expression? Many people think it does. The web is used for everything, including political activism, social media, and even banking. It is also one of the most popular channels of communication. That is why many governments want to censor access to it. These governments usually have political motives. Is the free flow of information threatened by censorship?

The internet is an incredibly huge resource

It is impossible to know what information your children will come across on the web. Some countries, like China, are enforcing censorship by banning websites that expose child pornography or other egregious crimes. Others restrict access to foreign websites under their Great Firewall. Some governments, including the United States, are trying to keep their citizens safe by implementing internet censorship.

Censorship is a growing problem

Despite the benefits of censorship, some parents worry that it will make children more susceptible to immoral material. Regardless of the level of censorship, internet access remains limited for four billion people. Sadly, censorship is a growing problem, especially for children. In the United States, a Freedom House report published last year found that internet freedom has been curtailed for the eighth year in a row. More governments are enacting stricter laws to restrict what people can and cannot do online.

Censorship does not help in any way

In addition to censorship, the Internet has always been a space where governments and private corporations try to exert influence. TCP and IP are the core protocols of the network, which are the foundation of the Internet. They allow networks to connect with one another. Some countries and companies have been accused of spying on their citizens. However, censorship of the web has no beneficial impact on society. While it may have positive effects.

Trying to censor content on the Internet

While it is easy to blame governments for their attempts to censor content on the Internet, the debate over censorship has been ongoing for years. The “Enemies of the Net” list was first published in 2006 and consists of thirteen countries. Its number steadily grew from six to sixteen in the following years. The list has been updated only three times in the past decade, and the numbers have never been updated.


There is a need for control of the internet. The censorship of the web can protect privacy, but it should be done carefully. The goal is to block access to immoral material. In other words, it should not censor information. And, it should give the public access to only reliable information. This is an ideal scenario for all users. If internet censorship does occur, it is likely to cause more harm than good.

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