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Songs have lyrics and a tune that is often performed live and recorded for audio and video. Many times they are used in plays, musical theater, or stage shows of any kind. In addition, songs can be performed by people from all over the world. And of course, a song can also be a movie. But what exactly is an “N-song”? And why are they called “N-songs?”

For one, they are a complication. In the NSONGS guideline, a work is a topic that is not merely treated in a trivial manner. This means that it can’t simply be a mention of the musician, band, publication, price listing, etc. In other words, it must be a comprehensive treatment of a work. Similarly, a note should be written about the author of the work.

In Wikipedia, a third programmer decides to generate a report, similar to Luther’s. He changes the code in luther3.c to a print-report() function. Then he adds the second line to report3.c and calls it main(). The code changes nsongs and ttime to reflect the total number of songs. The third programmer writes a new file, report3.c, and appends the new information to the end of the main() program.

The next line of code generates a random song index. This loop is necessary to prevent a duplicate song. The second line will be a validation loop after the random song index generation. It exits if the song does not belong in the deque. If the song is already in the deque, the program exits the loop. The last line of the program will require the user to enter a Y or N, which will output the song title on the console screen.

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