What to Do When You Fall Sick in a Foreign Land

It is never pleasant to get sick, but it is even worse when you’re away from home. Not only will you be far from a doctor, but you won’t have the basic support system of family or friends that you’re used to. Not only that, but the health care system in a foreign country may be different than your own, so the treatment you receive will either be superior or inferior to what you’re used to receiving back home.

Be aware of the laws and customs of your destination

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to prevent falling ill while traveling. First, be aware of the laws and customs of your destination. Some countries have curfews or don’t require the use of seat belts in public transportation or life jackets for water sports. Be aware of these regulations so that you can avoid any potentially dangerous situations. Also, remember that rabies vaccine is not always available in some countries. As a result, it is imperative to seek medical care immediately if you start feeling unwell. If you’re not sure where to find a doctor in your destination country, you can contact your local diplomatic mission and request that they help you find a medical professional who speaks your native language.

Get plenty of rest and eat nutritious food

If you’re worried you might catch a disease, don’t panic! Take note of any symptoms you’re experiencing. If your fever is more than mild, you might not need medical attention. However, you should avoid pushing yourself too hard or jumping from tour to tour. Instead, take plenty of rest and eat nutritious foods. If you do fall ill, seek medical care right away.

Deal with the possibility of illness by educating yourself in the medical system

Getting sick while on vacation is never fun, but if you know how to deal with the situation, you can reduce the anxiety and discomfort by learning about the local health care system. By educating yourself on the medical system, you’ll be better equipped to face the possibility of illness while abroad. You’ll be happy you did. The next time you’re abroad, don’t get worried. You’ll be glad you did.

Find out what to do if you get sick traveling abroad

Getting sick while on vacation can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. You can take precautions before you depart and be prepared for any illness you might get. If you do get sick while traveling, you should know what to do when you fall ill in a foreign land. For example, if you fall ill in a foreign country, you should contact the local embassies in the country and seek medical attention.


If you fall ill while traveling, make sure you contact the local government and UCEAP. These representatives can help you find the best treatment for your illness and provide information on where to get the proper treatment. You can also ask them for a copy of the necessary documentation for your medical care. These documents will be required for your trip. If you get sick while traveling, make sure you call a physician in the country where you are.

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