What Makes Someone a Villain

The first question that should be answered when creating a villain is what makes him or her good or evil. The most effective villains are likable, funny, and fiercely loyal. But a great one should be much more than these qualities. Instead of simply being bad, a great character has traits that readers desire. These are some of the qualities that make someone a great villain. Here are a few guidelines for creating an interesting villain.

Who systematically tramples on every principle of human decency

A true villain is generally immoral. This means that he or she subscribes to some sort of moral code, but still violates accepted ethical standards. A prime example of a memorable villain is Grindelwald, who systematically tramples every principle of human decency. Often, the villain is able to justify his or her actions by saying that they are for the greater good. The morally corrupted villain’s ultimate goal is to achieve the social order that he or she thinks is best.

Remember not all villains are bad

When writing a villain, remember that not all villains are bad. A villain may not be completely evil, but he or she may be a complex person with many faults. Even though they are bad, they are also incredibly interesting characters. In fact, the best villains aren’t pure evil. They are more nuanced and disturbing than pure evil. In addition, they’re memorable.

The real villain is bad

True villains are evil. While they often subscribe to a moral code, they are willing to break accepted moral principles. A classic example of a true villain is Grindelwald, the leader of the rebels in the film “Harry Potter”. He breaks every principle of human decency and justifies his actions by claiming that his actions are in the greater good. The ideal social order is important to him.

His actions reflect their personality

Often, a villain is motivated by a desire to dominate. They may be the only ones in their group who have the strength to defeat others. While their actions may seem cruel and evil, these qualities are essential to a good villain. Whether the villain is a villain or a hero, he is a human being, and his actions reflect their personality. In a movie, a true hero is a hero who is a villain.


Whether or not a person is a real or fictional villain, there are several characteristics that make a villain great. A true villain is immoral. He or she violates all accepted moral principles. A perfect example of a villain is an immoral character. The best villains are self-proclaimed. If a villain is a hero, they can be a hero. They can be a hero or a villain.

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