What Makes a Mother or a Father?

A baby’s first months are crucial, but before you can be a mother or a father, you should understand what makes a person different from the other. The main difference between them is the amount of parenting styles they exhibit. Babies born to mothers have a more hands-on style, while babies born to dads have a more passive approach. Here are some traits of a mother or a woman.

DNA coding is inherited from parents

The physical characteristics of a person are determined by the genetic material called DNA. The human body is made up of millions of cells and each person has a unique set of DNA. While each individual has different genes, most DNA coding is inherited from both parents. By comparing the coding from both parents, you can determine the relationship between the two. To test for DNA, you must sample a person’s saliva, which contains a sample of the DNA in the mouth.

The role of parents is very important in the life of a child

Children of older fathers may inherit genes causing mental illness and learning disabilities. They may be more prone to suicidal tendencies and hyperactivity. The DNA of an older father is also associated with heart disease and cancer. However, the DNA of a mother will balance the genetic code of a man, which makes a woman more likely to be a mother. Therefore, the role of a parent in a child’s life is crucial and should be complemented by a positive role in his or her child’s life.

The presence and influence of parents is very important in the development of a child

There are no universal legal definitions for fathers. Several states have varying legal definitions of fathers. In most states, the term “father” means that a man has been legally recognized as the biological or legal parent of a child. This type of father has a special role in the life of the child. Their presence and influence on a child’s development is crucial.

DNA is the best evidence of a parental relationship

DNA is the determinant of physical characteristics. It is found in almost every cell of a person’s body. Because each person has a unique set of DNA, he or she has distinct traits. Similarly, the DNA coding of a mother and a son can be different. A father’s DNA is the best evidence of parental relationship. Although the defining factor is not the mother, the relationship between the parent and the child can be proven.


A woman can be a mother or a father, but only a man can bear a child. It takes a woman a lifetime to become a mother and a boy can have a son. But a woman has the responsibility to be a wife, and a husband must be married to a pregnant woman. A mother can be a father, but it is the father who is the primary caregiver.

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