Value of Books

Books are called the best friend of the human. Books play the most important role in the enhancement of our knowledge. No one can deny the role of books as best friends in a human’s life. Books never cheat, they never betray and they never bore also. Whenever you want their company they are always present there and they can give you pleasure as well as knowledge. Once a scholar said that books and knowledge in them is the best friend of humans who can go along with him or her anywhere and books are so interesting that once someone starts to read them, he/she gets addicted to it very soon. Books usually take us into a completely new world and no one wants to come back from that awesome world of imagination and creativity. Books are such companions which boost up our morale when we are broken from inside. Books are those silent mentors which induce optimism and courage and motivate us in an extraordinary way to achieve our goals and objectives in any condition. Books are catalysts which awaken the reader from their sleep of carelessness and expand the level of understanding with the help of knowledge and information.  Learners can find books anywhere, the whole student life students face many books in the classroom and they try their best to grab as much knowledge as they can in the classroom but the world of books is unlimited and knowledge in them is infinite. Most amazing thing about books is that they broaden our thinking power with the help of concepts in them and enhance our vocabulary level which is the basis of impressive communication. When a reader gets immersed in the books he/she becomes addicted to it and starts to memorize the facts of the book, this sharpens the memory power of the reader also.

These days online education is in rage and mostly students are addicted to online learning also but this hasn’t decreased readers of books even a single bit. Lots of good teachers teach online also and when they teach online they give proper knowledge also there but still books are those mediums which bring teachers teachings again and again in front of learners. People still love reading books and a vast number of libraries in the world are evidence of it. We must have a habit of learning and reading, a habit of continuous reading brings an individual closer to moral values and ethics.

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Just readers must take care of one thing that just like good and bad in anything books also contain bad and good. Hence, whenever a reader wants to read, they must choose a good book. Wrong books can destroy good morals in a healthy mind and good books can change a whole personality by bringing knowledge and wisdom to an individual. Wrong and bad books inspire a person to commit bad works and destroy a healthy personality whereas good books inspire a person to do some good works which can be beneficial to humanity and society.

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It should be ensured that the next generation should read innovative and good books which can bring some morals and ethics in them so as to make them good citizens. Readers especially students when they read book them get lost into a fantasy world for example; a book became very famous in last decade named “Harry Potter”. It also has a series of movies also in its name. This book became very famous due to the awesome level of imagination in it and kids started to enjoy this whole new world. This whole fantasy makes readers forget their sorrows and pain in real life and for a few minutes they become really happy. Readers receive a different kind of pleasure which can’t be explained but can be experienced by only reading such books. Technically books change a lot in a person like a person poor in grammar can take help of books because they will not criticize him/her instead will help him/her with their knowledge and enhance the vocabulary as well as grammar in a very fine way and the person taking this help becomes efficient in communication.  Apart from this, one who reads a lot of books becomes a very intelligent and knowledgeable person due to which he/she earns respect from everyone in the whole society and locality.

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