Top Crypto Research Tools That can Help you Become a Better Investor

Every decision we take has a thought process behind it. Feel like having an ice cream? Which flavour do you like? Do you want it as a popsicle or with a waffle cone? Branded or store-bought? If something as simple as ice cream warrants so many questions, imagine the thought process that would go behind investing in crypto assets.

Our decision-making relies to a huge extent on what we already know. Why are some traders so successful? It’s because they have a thorough understanding of the market which allows them to make accurate predictions. They use their knowledge and numerous crypto research tools to find exciting opportunities and hidden gems.

A question we frequently come across is ‘how to research crypto?’ While you may have your way of going about it, here are some of the best crypto research tools that can help you optimise your investments.

The Best Crypto Research Tools Investors and Traders Should Use

TradingView: Advanced Trading Charts and Technical Indicators

Trading view is a great research tool. You can get a detailed look at the market using advanced candlestick trading charts & technical indicators to stay ahead of the market.

With TradingView, you get:

  • Comprehensive charts
  • A set of tools for in-depth technical analysis
  • Pre-built studies
  • Intelligent drawing tools

IntoTheBlock: Bullish and Bearish Signal

ITB can give you access to real-time bearish and bullish signals for various crypto assets. They specifically look at indicators such as on-chain signals and exchange signals which can help you gauge where an asset might be headed. Additionally, you can also keep a check on their automatic Bitcoin price predictions.

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Coindar: Crypto Events Calendar

We are familiar with what announcements in the crypto market can do to the prices of various tokens. Coindar can help you keep track of events and sort them as per timeline, importance, and crypto assets.

The Coin Perspective: Coin Comparisons

You must often find yourself mentally comparing tokens to decide which one to invest in. This is where The Coin Perspective comes in. With TCP, you can compare coins based on various metrics such as market capitalization. TCP also predicts the price a token can realistically achieve at different market cap levels.

LunarCrush: Social Research

Social Media has revolutionised human interaction and has become extraordinarily powerful. LunarCrush can help you analyse what investors and traders all across the board are talking about on social media in real-time. It helps you to cut through the noise and shows you signals that matter anxnr.

You can check metrics such as:

  • Share of Voice of a token
  • Engagement within communities
  • Social dominance

Coin360: Visual Analysis

Humans are visual creatures. It’s always easier to understand and find patterns in charts than in text. Coin360 provides you with visual renditions of metrics such as market cap, time, and many more to help you conduct your analysis better.

CryptoPanic: Crypto News

You can never overestimate the importance of staying up to date with the crypto world. There’s just too much happening at all times. CryptoPanic helps you filter news the way you want to. You can choose between various topics and sort your news according to platform and type.

CoinTree: Crypto Fear and Greed Index

There is no better measure of market sentiment than the Crypto Fear and Greed Index. Everything that happens in the crypto market boils down to investor sentiment. You can use this tool to understand where the market might be headed and determine your entry or exit strategy.

CryptoMiso: Project and Developer Activity

Tokens are merely representations of the projects that they belong to. If the project does well, so will the token. This makes it crucial to keep a track of how a project and the development team behind it are performing. With CryptoMiso, you can analyse how a project is doing with respect to other projects out there as well as its proposed road map.

You can Never Know Too Much!

The crypto market never sleeps. And to be on the right side of it, it is important to keep yourself updated. These crypto trading tools can assist you in discovering fascinating trade possibilities. It can also help you to learn more about various digital assets. While choosing an ice cream remains easier, these tools can make your trading decisions easier.

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