The Family Apps You Must Use in 2022

Let’s face it: no matter how much of a responsible parent you are, it is beyond impossible to keep your life in order, especially if you have a big family. When you are torn between work and family, the day-to-day tasks can be too overwhelming. Making it to the parent-teacher meeting, taking an appointment with the doctor, knocking out all the home chores, dropping children off or feeding the pets could take a toll on both your mental and physical health. If you forget to do something, a turbulent situation is inevitable.

Each family has different domestic needs to meet; but if, as a parent, your schedules are jam-packed, it would be quite challenging for you to cope with all your domestic duties, that too successfully. But, there is absolutely no need to fret over this, you can take virtual apps that are specially designed for families. These apps will do much more than managing your home chores.


If you are in charge of your home, then you must be aware of the fact there is always an endless list of home chores that need to be taken care of. When dishes, dust, and laundry are not done in real-time, your home will look no less than a scene out of horror movies. This is where ChoreMonster steps in!

It is designed in a way that motivates kids to roll up their sleeves to lend a helping hand in chores. It is, without a doubt, one of the most popular apps that makes helping out around the house easier and more fun. With the app, you can create a list of chores that the kids can follow to earn points. It is available for both Android and Apple users. You just have to have Windstream internet to leverage this app.


If you want to simplify your family life, then Cozi is the perfect app for you! It is understandable that remembering schedules, appointments and other tasks is not easy. But with the help of Cozi, you can create and manage lists of multiple activities and schedules. It is a user-friendly app that comes with interesting and extensive features. It is more like a family organizer as this app can be synchronized to phones of all family members, enabling them to create, edit, add and delete to-do lists and events.

Several tabs are available on the app. With the Shopping section, you can easily create multiple shopping lists. The To-Do tab makes it possible to manage lists of tasks. The Calendar section is responsible for showing you everyday schedules and personal events of each family member on the same page. With the calendar, you can also get reminders of important events in advance. And with the Recipes tab, you will even be able to add ingredients of your favorite recipes to the shopping list. Also, you can add dishes from the recipes to the calendar of events.


Mothershp is available on Google Play and the App Store. The app comes with features that are the same as  Chore Monster. The primary aim of Mothershp is to bring apps with similar functions under one roof. The app does not only provide motivation but it also rewards the users on getting tasks done. With the help of the software, parents can easily come up with assignments and offer some rewards upon completion. Once kids are done with the assigned tasks, the app notifies the parents so they can see how good their children are with tackling tasks. If everything goes as per parents’ requirements, they end up giving points that can be changed into a reward. Mothershp is a popular app that is involved in turning super tiresome domestic duties into a game.

Ending Note

Nowadays, families don’t have enough time for each other because of demanding jobs and hectic routines. But, now you can enjoy a special time together by letting apps take charge of making difficult home duties easier than you think. The family organizer apps that we have mentioned above are arguably ideal for taking the burden off your shoulders, leaving you to save time for bonding and interaction with the family. What makes these apps people’s popular choice is that they are not only available on the App Store but on Google Play as well. Simply download it and manage your home chores like never before!

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