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How to Recover Your Lost Money in Forex

How do the scams of the online trading world work? Here’s how to learn to recognize them and what the legal tools to defend yourself and how to get your money back from forex scam.

Scams and online trading are two words that often go hand in hand. Just as investing could give you great personal satisfaction and returns if you learn how to do it correctly, in the same way it is easy to run into a scam on the internet.

Between scam brokers, shadow companies and false promises on investments in Forex or Bitcoin, online trading scams are more common and frequent than you might imagine. Getting to know them is the first step to defend yourself.

What is the online trading scam? 

Online identity theft and romantic scam are among the most well-known online scams and have already fallen for thousands of unsuspecting and bona fide users. The increasing spread of trading platforms open to all – and of the dream of being able to make “easy money” – has led to the birth of online trading scams.

The cheaters who operate in the forex and cryptocurrency sector leverage what is the deepest desire of those who trade: to be able, in a short time and without particular effort, to earn some money.

Fake brokers and financial companies that do not exist boast real possibilities of being able to obtain large returns easily: the techniques of luring the unfortunate on duty are different. Below we will examine the most famous.

Forex trading scams: what are the risks?

There are phrases that should always ring alarm bells when it comes to forex trading. Safe investment, guaranteed and very high returns, insured withdrawal, support from a team of analysts. Drum roll and trumpet blast: this is, 100%, a scam.

The risk is to end up in a vicious vortex, from which it will be very difficult to get out. In the case of a fraudulent phone call, for example, after a first payment, you will receive good news.

Your investment is going well and it will be possible to check its performance directly on the platform created ad hoc. It will therefore be proposed to:

  • invest again;
  • Wait to see your returns grow even more (which will happen).

When the trader requests a withdrawal, there could be 3 different scenarios:

  1. It will be granted, but only if the request is very low;
  2. The platform will suddenly close;
  3. The withdrawal will be blocked, with very specific excuses. For example, you may be required to pay the 26% tax in advance, or the commissions set by the bank for the release of the transaction.

You will find yourself being scammed without even realizing it: trading will thus turn into a psychological blackmail in which you can continue to receive phone calls with increasingly aggressive tones. The risk of ending up in a spiral of “depression” is very high.

Forex: how to recover the losses?

Let’s go into more detail within the classic offer of a regulated broker, which allows you to trade on the stock market and on the forex market, i.e. the currency market, through derivative instruments called CFDs (contracts for difference).

Many people prefer to trade currencies to marginalize the sudden change in their prices, perhaps even using leverage to increase the effect. This is where the hottest disappointments are suffered and the capital is in danger of going up in smoke in a few hours. How can the forex losses be recovered?

Get your Money back from forex scam with recovery scam”

If you are a victim of Forex, Crypto or any other Financial Scam, there is a solution. Claim Justice was established to provide people like you the information, tools, and resources to fight back and recover your funds.You can file a complaint and the recovery scam team will review your case and attempt to point you in the right direction. Fill in the contact form on the page in this link and you will be able to get help in recovering your lost funds! You will be walked through the entire recovery process by a representative of a recommended fund recovery service after which a case will be opened for you by a case manager.

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