How to find the most profitable products on Amazon to sell on FBA?

How to find the most profitable products on Amazon to sell on FBA?

Are you planning to sell on Amazon? You may think that everyone wants the same thing, but that is not true. People want different things. And as a seller on Amazon, especially for FBA, you have to find themost profitable products on Amazon to sell.

  1. Find out what people want

The best way to know what people want is to look at what they buy. If you have a product idea, start looking at what people are buying and how much they are spending. You will get a good sense of whether or not your product is something people need. On Amazon, even a cursory search will help you to find the most popular product categories:

  • Electronics
  • Gift Cards
  • Camera and Photography
  • Books
  • Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry
  • Video Games
  • Home and Kitchen
  • Beauty and Personal Care Products

  2. Look at the competition

If you do not already have a product, then you should take a look at what your competitors are selling right now.

  • What do people currently buy from them?
  • How much are they paying?
  • Do you think you could make a similar product and sell it cheaper?

If you can answer these questions, then you might have a winner!Make sure your product solves a problem. People buy things to solve problems or fulfill a need. So if you are going to create a product, make sure it solves a real problemor fulfills a need. Otherwise, no one will use it.If you want to stand out, try making something that no one else is offering.

Do not go straight for the big buck products. Instead, start with smaller amounts of money. That way, you will not lose too much money if your product does not sell well.

  3. Use tools to find products

Search Amazon and other significant stores for your product idea. Check out the cost. Choose items in a price range greater than $10 but less than $50. Why? The desired price range for impulsive purchases is there. Impulsive purchases are likely to increase stock turnover.

Use Amazon keyword tools to estimate the volume of searches for certain keywords. This can assist you determine the terms to use in your product’s title and description as well as ensure that there is a market for your chosen product.

Use Amazon’s Best Sellers Rank (BSR) then, to find the most profitable products on Amazon. You can see where there is a need for products simply by looking at the ratings. You should not base your choice just on this. However, if you see that one product dominates a certain category, it can be a sign that your initial product won’t be able to compete in that market.

Look at the first 3 – 5 items in a certain category on the seller page. The lower that the BSR number is, the more it sells and moves up the rankings. You are looking at a very competitive category in case a lot of the products in it have low BSRs.

You can perform your product research with the use of Amazon’s tools. You may find outFBA fees, demand, competitiveness and more with the help of these tools.

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