How to design the ideal logo for Instagram

Instagram is a platform that has an annual user base of one billion users. In 2020 90% of the brands are featured on Instagram If you consider the fashion industry as an example, 96 percent of US brands can be seen on Instagram. From the standpoint of marketing your brand, failing to take advantage of this huge number of followers is inexcusable. In the following article you’ll learn how to design an appealing design for your Instagram profile.

What is a logo?

It is widely known it is believed that LOGO in its translation from Greek is a word that means name, symbol or an indication of trade. The logo is created to allow an easy recognition of the new trademark (trademark). The logo is a visual representation of the core of the business. A logo is typically composed of an inscription and a sign moviesverse (or just an indication). If you’ve got a logo that is professionally designed, you will gain many benefits to it.

A great logo can aid your business in attracting new customers as well as increase the trust and loyalty of your customers. The logo takes a prominent position in the identity of the business.

There are three primary kinds of logos:

  1. Pictures (with pictures of the activities of the company);
  2. Graphic (consist of graphic elements (abstraction);
  3. Text (text that reflects the activities of the company).

The main elements of a successful logo: clarity, style attractiveness, personification of the ideal image accessibility, visibility and memorability. clarity, and brightness.

How to create an Instagram logo? Instagram

Businesses are becoming increasing involved on Instagram. This is why it’s crucial for you to be noticed and incorporate the platform in your overall marketing plan. After being acquired by Facebook The application is constantly improving by duysnews opening ads, displaying content in accordance with the algorithm as well as the rise of analysis tools, and so on.

It is a gradual process of integrating your brand in the life of your followers and reach out to them in the most direct method feasible. This helps create a positive emotional connection that ultimately creates an audience of followers who are truly engaged with your service or product.

What icon should you choose to represent the logo?

They are an excellent tool to draw your target audience’s attention. They play a significant function in helping people comprehend the purpose of the business. The choice of the icon, when done with appropriate choice, can help make the logo more appealing and cohesive.


Make sure to choose an image that can help connect your logo to your business. Examples include icons that depict animals could be appropriate for a veterinary practice or airlines, there are the parts of an aircraft are wings as well as a tail that is pixelated and the aircraft as a whole. There are indications of flight through wings and air currents, as well as birds. If the subject is non-specific and doesn’t contain particular elements, you could alltimesmagazine employ abstract images.

Simple and succinct

Beware of icons that are filled with elements. Pick simple icons that can be made with just only a few strokes. The image will be a complement and not overpower the logo.

The simplicity of colors

Avoid using excessive colors to create icons. You should limit yourself to just one or two colors.


The icon must be practical and attractive when printed on products and outdoor advertisements. If it’s too complicated and multi-component it will compromise the integrity and quality of the logo during scaling.

How do you choose a font?

A well-chosen font will highlight the advantages in your company’s image (and the brand you represent) However, an unsuitable or poorly-chosen font could result in negative associations and mistrust with customers.

When you are choosing a font you must pay close concentration on two things:


The font must be chosen to ensure that the text is clear, doesn’t blur and merges, and it is not blurred because of a poorly chosen font. The text should be legible when resizing the logo.


The font must be consistent to the image. If the icon has thin lines, do not go overboard and it could look unbalanced. This is the same as the design of the icon. However, if it’s graphic in nature, select an appropriate font design.

What are the best ways to select colors?

Selecting the right color for your logo is crucial since colors are associated with different meanings and significance. The color that triggers emotions and emotions in the clients, which is why it is essential to select the color that is suitable for your company.

General tips to consider when selecting an color palette:

  • There isn’t any particular color for any business however, some colors may be more appropriate for certain industries;
  • Colors can be mixed. Some brands , like eBay, Google, NBC, Instagram prefer to use several colors. However, when using many colors be aware. This is particularly true when it comes to components like a rainbow butterflies. Additionally, when a solely design is based on text it is not necessary to layer colors;
  • Different views of colors are common to diverse cultures. For instance in western cultures white is a symbol of peace and purity, whereas in China white symbolizes death. So, if you are planning to go into other markets, be sure that your company’s colors are properly perceived across cultures.

So, we’ve explained to you how to design the logo for Instagram. We wish you the best of luck in promoting your brand!

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