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How to design an identity and how to do it? Tips and tricks

The logo development of which is a crucial part of the image of the company It must be memorable and unique because it’s the brand’s face! A product without an easily identifiable logo don’t inspire an impression of trust. They are merged with the general gray>mass of ideas and are harder for them to be a hit. To create a hit design is easier said than done, and should only be left to the experts who have tested the waters with their creations and know where each design would sail. As you would have at Promotion Choice, home to many creative branding and promotional designs. Logo design is the reason why it should be one of the primary components of branding!

Is a logo a symbol?

Logos are an essential component of a company’s image. A well-designed logo can increase your advertising’s effectiveness and affect how people perceive the company’s image in market. Packaging and advertising, business cards everywhere a logo is the initial element upon looking at it, consumers can get a glimpse about your business! The logo from the very first impression must:

  • Be memorable;
  • Make yourself stand out from the crowd;
  • Make yourself stand out from the crowd.

The logo must be designed in a way that is well-thought out from the start. To ensure that in the future there is no need to alter the logo. Changes to the logo could result in trouble, and loss of recognition.

Methods to create logos

In order to design the logo you’d like You can design your logo using a variety of various methods. Let’s examine a few of the most popular methods. Each has both positively and negatively.

Make a logo for yourself

This technique is great since if you draw effectively enough and have Bitmap (such such as Adobe Photoshop) or vector (such as Adobe illustrator) editors, you might be able create an image on your own. But, if you have no prior expertise, it’s quite difficult to create a professional and attractive component. If you’re a skilled maker and are able to design an emblem by yourself, then this is the ideal choice.

Use an online logo design service

Nowadays, there is many online services that can create logos. They are also known as logo generators. These services are great because of their cost. The drawbacks are in the core the services. They offer a collection of icons and images which anyone can use to design their logo. That means that the logo you create on an online service is not unique. Additionally, it is possible that you could be in contact with someone else using the same logo it is not in a position to register it due to similar reasons. Another obvious disadvantage of these sources is the high design quality.

Create a contest to design the most attractive logo

On the Internet There are websites that allow you to announce an open competition to design a logo, create your requirements, and then assign an amount on the winning. It is typically offered by different freelance exchanges. The benefit of this technique is the wide range of choices from various people. Its disadvantages include that these contests seldom involving experienced designers as well as the choices presented are poor gjcollegebihta quality.

Request a logo at the studio

When you order a logo at the studio, you will receive excellent and top-quality work. typically, these studios are specialized in traditional logos. Before making contact with an organization look over the portfolio of its clients. If they have already created stunning logos, and the quality exceeds your needs, then you may confidently apply. The drawback of this approach is that it costs more than an individual designer.

Get a logo design from an artist

This is likely to be the most effective option. A freelancer is able to create an outstanding logo that is similar in terms of quality to the studio and, if not superior. Similar to the studio, when selecting an artist, it is important look over the portfolio of the designer and on its basis, decide on the purchase. If you choose a designer with high quality pricing, it will be less than the studio. The disadvantages are an increase in cost when compared to earlier options (except Studio).

How to create cool logos

The process of creating a professional logo isn’t an easy task, however when done correctly this element can provide a wealth of benefits and justify the amount of money spent. To design a unique logo, you must adhere to these basic guidelines:

The logo must be designed using vector formats. This allows you to save the logo later as a bitmap (jpg or the format is png) in any size , without losing quality, and to print on materials and preparing layouts for sewing the logo.

It shouldn’t be dominated by an overwhelming number of colors. The ideal logo should consist of no more than four colors as well as their shades. For the colors themselves they are based on the nature of your logo. If it’s a logo that represents the eSports team, gaming group, or even the logo for a channel on YouTube it’s best to go with vibrant and gaudy colors. If the logo is designed to represent a serious company and is a serious one, the colors must be tranquil.

Drawing should be easy to understand. Don’t create a complex logo that can only be deciphered following an extended and thorough examination. Fonts should be legible , and easy to read in one glance.


A well-designed, memorable logo is the core of any business, and it’s branding. The logo should be engaging as well as eye-catching and reflect the particulars of the company. If you’re opening a business, creating a site and printing promotional material make sure you ttactics take care to pay attention at the design of the logo.

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