How Online Course Creators can Grow their YouTube Channel 

With the growing educational technology, we have been witnessing a transition from conventional teaching methods to online courses. Educators work on how to create an online course and enjoy benefits like better flexibility, convenience, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. Today there is tough competition going on in the e-learning field. In this competition, if you want to reach out to your target audience fast, promote your course well, and ensure course success, making a youtube channel is highly advisable. It offers several benefits such as

  • To gain visibility among the audience 
  • To promote your online course 
  • Having an additional income source
  • To increase traffic to your course website
  • For enhanced user engagement
  • To boost course sales 

From a small task to understanding a big task, people prefer watching videos related to it on YouTube. So this means, the YouTube range is quite vast. The organic growth of an online course youtube channel is not a cakewalk. Let us discuss a complete set of steps that online course creators can follow to grow their YouTube channels and expand course sales. 

Steps to grow online course youtube channel organically 

1. Be regular with your content

For growth and development in life, consistent efforts towards goals are very important. Similarly to grow your online course youtube channel, consistent uploads are very important. Posting a video one day, and then taking a long break won’t help you to stay in people’s minds, interests, and watchlists. To form a better connection with your target audience and make them more engaged with your YouTube channel, regular content delivery is important. Therefore plan how often you will upload videos. Accordingly, do the necessary preparations and video shoots. 

2. Promote it on other social media platforms

To communicate with people all across the globe, social media is the biggest platform in current times. It is the fastest communication and knowledge-sharing platform. For how to sell courses online and reach out to your target audience faster, you should make business accounts on social media applications like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. 

Here you can use different unique features to promote your YouTube channel. For example, you can put up a link to your new YouTube video upload on your Instagram story. Or you can make a short teaser of your YouTube video and upload it as a reel on Facebook and Instagram. This way more people will get to know about your YouTube channel. The number of viewers and subscribers will be boosted organically this way. 

3. Put community posts before uploading the video

The growth of a youtube channel means getting more views on your videos and more subscribers to your channel. To do so, you must inform and notify the audience well in advance about the next video upload. You can put up a community post informing people of the date and time of your next video upload. It can be a form of a  text, a reminder, or a short teaser. This will help you to grab the attention of your target audience and get a good response on videos. 

4. Take recommendations

We all prefer watching videos that talk about our needs, expectations, and interests. Similarly to grow your online course youtube channel, you should make videos that are appealing and engaging for your audience. To do so, you must take recommendations and suggestions from them. For example, you can put up a community post conducting a poll.

Here you can give some options and ask your audience to select which topic they want to watch in the next video. Other than this, at the end of every YouTube video, you can ask your audience to drop out ideas and what next they want to see in the comment section. The topics that are in demand must be considered for your videos. This will make the audience feel valued, and taken care of and they will connect more to your content. 

5. Keep a close eye on your competitors

YouTube is one of the biggest video uploading platforms. Every day a huge amount of video content is uploaded on similar niche topics too. Some other online course youtube channels already exist and doing well. To win this competitive race and ensure the growth of your channel, you need to be different from others. For this, you must keep a close eye on your competitors. See what they are uploading, and what are their strengths and weak points. After proper exploring and analyzing, now see what you can do to make your video content unique, and creative as compared to your competitors. 


For making your online course successful, making a youtube channel is very helpful. However, the growth of the YouTube channel is equally important in this regard. By following the above-mentioned tips, online course creators can get more viewers and subscribers on their YouTube channels. This will help to expand course sales and generate maximum profits. 

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