How COVID Shutdowns and Virtual Schools Have Changed Our Relationship to Technology

The effects of COVID shut-downs on the health care system are far-reaching. While this virus is spreading at an exponential rate, it is affecting 186 countries. While it is impossible to predict when another outbreak will occur, the earlier we take preventative measures, the better. It is important to note that before the outbreak, technology played a significant role in workforces in all industries, from food and clothing to travel. Prior to the epidemic, it was viewed as a tool to expand business reach and increase efficiency. Now, with the shutdown of in-person activities, businesses have become even more dependent on technology.

Many schools are aggressively evaluating their response

Morgan Mill Independent School District in southwest Texas closed all campuses on Thursday, and Friday had no classes scheduled. The district will assess the situation over the weekend. Other school districts have closed as a precaution, including Bloomburg, Texas, which has closed its doors for several days this week. The Waskom, Ohio, independent school district closed all campuses for the week, including its elementary school. Fortunately, the school district is planning to reopen all campuses on Monday, and it is expecting to re-start classes on Tuesday.

We have to find a way to move forward

While the health consequences of COVID shutdowns have yet to be seen, the mental health of those affected by the pandemic have been profound. In addition to job losses, young adults are feeling increasingly frustrated as they remain homebound while raising children. While officials debate how to bring children back to school in the fall, the first documented case of reinfection has been reported in Hong Kong. In addition to schools and the medical community, school districts are evaluating the situation and deciding how to proceed.

The mental health of people infected with covid is severely impaired

Besides the health effects of COVID shutdowns, the emotional and mental state of the people who contract it are also being affected. The stress, anxiety, and loneliness of the people who suffer from the virus have been noted in the aftermath of the outbreak. As a result, the mental health of these individuals is being seriously affected. Thousands of schoolchildren have been forced to cancel their classes, while some have even suffered severe depression.

A well-planned and effective covid shutdown reduces the risk of epidemics

The most important benefit of a COVID shutdown is that it can save lives and give workers a chance to return to their normal social lives. Fortunately, a successful COVID shutdown will reduce the number of new cases and infected individuals by up to 90 percent. A comprehensive and prolonged COVID shut-down will reduce the number of people affected and the number of cases significantly. For these reasons, a well-designed and effective COVID shutdown will reduce the risk of epidemics and will help prevent them from spreading in the future.


Since the outbreak, the effects of COVID-19 have been felt on the nation’s industrial production. The U.S. industrial sector has fallen sharply in March and only partially recovered since. This is bad news for the United States’ manufacturing sector, which employs over thirteen million people. Despite the economic benefits of a COVID shutdown, it will be difficult for businesses to cope with the resulting consequences.

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