How Collagen Can Help Regrow Thinning Hair

Collagen is a powerful antioxidant that can help regrow hair. Does collagen help hair loss? When you take collagen, you can actually build new hair follicles. But how exactly does collagen work? Read on to learn more about this important substance and how it can help you regrow thinning hair. This article will cover several of the benefits of collagen, including its antioxidant properties and the role it plays in building new hair follicles.

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Vitamin C helps build healthier new collagen

Using a high-quality collagen supplement can be a useful way to re-grow your hair and prevent further balding. This product contains a co-factor of collagen, vitamin B6, grape seed extract, ceramide, and DNA. The combination of these ingredients can result in thicker hair, younger-looking skin, and stronger nails. It also increases production of other key proteins in the hair follicle.

Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen. Collagen is a vital protein for both your skin and your hair. Proper collagen formation results in stronger hair strands. Moreover, proper production of collagen strengthens your hair roots. Iron and vitamin C improve the circulation of blood in the scalp. These nutrients improve hair growth and reduce breakage. The effects of vitamin C on hair are doubled when you combine these two supplements.

Collagen acts as an antioxidant

Taking a collagen supplement can help you regrow thinning hair. Collagen contributes to the elasticity and structure of the dermis, the middle layer of the skin that contains the hair bulb. As we age, our bodies become less efficient at manufacturing collagen and replacing cells in the dermis. Without the right amount of collagen in the dermis, the hair bulb can collapse and the follicles will produce thinner and weaker hair.

As collagen acts as an antioxidant, it prevents the body from forming free radicals. Free radicals are the enemy of the body, and many different things can lead to a buildup of them. Poor diet, air quality, alcohol, and smoking are all sources of free radicals. Moreover, your body’s metabolic processes can produce free radicals. This is why it is important to take supplements containing collagen.

Apart from improving hair health, collagen also provides skin-boosting properties. Collagen improves skin-elasticity, making it appear firmer and more youthful. Collagen also improves scalp thickness and structure. These benefits may make it an ideal antioxidant for regrow thinning hair. Aside from promoting healthy skin, collagen can also enhance the structure of the face, giving it a fuller, thicker appearance.

Collagen helps build new hair follicles

While collagen is necessary for the production of keratin, it can also be obtained from other sources. Although we can get this protein from other foods, collagen is essential for the construction of hair follicles. Aside from collagen, hair follicles need other nutrients for repair. The following are several reasons why collagen supplements are helpful for thinning hair.

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies and is present in the tissues around our hair follicles. During the anagen phase, more collagen is produced in these tissues. Collagen is lost during the catagen phase, so increased levels of collagen support re-entry into the anagen phase. When hair follicles have a higher amount of collagen, they are less likely to break and split.


While there are no proven results for a specific treatment for thinning hair, collagen can help your body fight damage to your hair strands. Free radicals are a primary cause of hair follicle damage, and collagen can help your body fight these by providing building blocks for new hair cells. Additionally, collagen helps the body repair damaged strands, so it can reduce hair thinning due to damage.

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