HealthTap Features and Pricing

HealthTap, a virtual healthcare platform offering live consultations with board-certified online doctor, offers various features and pricing plans. There is either a free version, premium version or subscription fee – the choice is yours!

This app gives users access to a network of over 90,000 doctors across 147 specialties. All have been verified and must meet stringent criteria.

Free version

HealthTap is a telemedicine service that connects people to licensed physicians through video call, chat or text. Patients can access the service either through its free app or online site.

The company boasts an expansive network of U.S.-licensed physicians and accepts HSA, FSA, HRA, Medicare, Medicaid, TRICARE, Blue Cross/Blue Shield and UnitedHealthcare insurance plans as well.

Users can request a consultation, which can last anywhere from minutes to several hours. Consultations can be provided via text message or video chat, with highly experienced doctors diagnosing illnesses with precision.

HealthTap provides both a free version of its service, as well as a premium subscription called HealthTap Prime. The latter is accessible to anyone and provides access to an archive of health questions asked by members of the general public that are answered by physicians within the HealthTap network.

Premium version

HealthTap’s premium version allows you to communicate with licensed physicians via video or text, providing them with your lab results and prescribing medication – all without needing a face-to-face meeting.

If you need medical advice and want to save on costly emergency room visits, this is an ideal option. Furthermore, its HIPAA-compliant technology keeps you secure against identity theft as well.

This app boasts an AI-powered symptom checker that provides intelligent explanations of potential causes and the best course of action for care. Additionally, it contains a library of doctor-answered questions from real patients.

Free consultations

HealthTap is a healthcare service provider that offers both Urgent Care and Primary Care to individuals with or without insurance. Users can easily book virtual consultations with doctors through the platform, making the process incredibly fast and effortless.

To receive a complimentary consultation, complete an appointment request form that outlines your symptoms and the reason for visiting. After payment has been processed, you’ll be connected with an appropriate doctor within minutes after making payment.

HealthTap also provides Doctor Q&A, which allows users to ask general medical questions anonymously to doctors at no cost. Most answers are given within 24 hours.

Subscription fee

HealthTap is a telehealth platform that connects consumers to board-certified doctors via video conference. These doctors can answer patients’ questions, prescribe medications, order lab tests and make referrals.

Additionally, it offers discounts on prescription drugs and allows members to choose from multiple pharmacies – an advantage some consumers may find appealing since prescriptions in the US tend to be pricey Bitsandboxes.

HealthTap stands out among other telehealth platforms by offering members the unique ability to book appointments with board-certified doctors and obtain doctor-ordered prescriptions that can be picked up at a nearby pharmacy or delivered right to their home.

Subscribing to this service costs $15 per month and gives you access to free texting with a doctor, $39 primary care video appointments and $59 urgent care visits lifeline hospital.

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