Forex Fury Lets You Make Money While You Sleep!

How does the idea of making money while you sleep sound? 

No bluffing here! The Forex market is open 24 hours a day, allowing traders to buy and sell currencies and profit from the price difference.

There are 2 ways to mint money in the Forex market when it’s your sleep time:

  1. The first method is to ditch sleeping and stay connected to the market 24 hours.
  2. The second option is to get a reliable Forex bot. It will open or close trades for you even when you’re snoring.

So, which Forex bot is the best for this purpose?

The internet has plenty of Forex EAs. They offer different features, tools, and price plans for traders. A trader needs to conduct proper research before investing in a Forex EA. Because choosing the wrong Forex EA can seriously hurt your investment and might lead to heavy losses. 

That’s why, in today’s post, we will discuss the major features of one of the best Forex bots in the market; Forex Fury.

Let’s begin…

Forex Fury 

Forex Fury is one of the most sophisticated and best automated Forex EAs. Rypax Inc. designed and produced it to address the expectations of a Forex trader. The developing team has created this EA with the needs of traders of all levels in mind. 

It can be used by both beginners and experienced traders.

Let’s take an overview of some of the remarkable features of Forex Fury:

Core Features of Forex Fury 

  • Compatibility 

Forex Fury works effortlessly with all the major trading platforms like MetaTrader4, MetaTrade5, and FIFO.

The trader won’t have to face the hassle of changing his existing trading platform.

The second feature of Forex Fury is:

  • Filters for Technical and Fundamental Analysis 

Forex Fury offers its consumers a wide range of filters. Forex traders benefit greatly from filters. It allows them to comprehend the market scenario and price movement. As a result, traders can develop effective trading strategies to reduce their risks.

The 3rd fantastic feature of Forex Fury is:

  • Simple Installation Method

One of the most noticeable characteristics of this Forex EA is its simplicity. Beginner traders will have no trouble installing and using it.

Moving on to the 4th feature, which is:

  • Rapid Customer Service

Forex Fury’s customer care crew responds quickly. They don’t take forever to solve their clients’ problems. In the event of an issue, traders can contact the customer support team to work out a solution.

Up next, on number 5, we have:

  • Supports ECN 

ECN is supported by Forex Fury. Money management methods are built-in to the sophisticated Forex EA. Traders may count on them to excel at Forex trading.

Is Forex Fury an Effective EA?

Yes, it totally is!

Some Forex EAs on the market are a pain to download and install. Forex Fury, on the other hand, is one of the simplest  EAs to install, download, and use without a hitch.

Customers are given an installation video and a tutorial by the creators. Customers may easily install and run Forex Fury in about 10 minutes.

Does Forex Fury Have Complicated Settings?

Every sort of trader will find Forex Fury to be a useful tool. Beginner, intermediate, and advanced Forex traders will benefit from the Forex EA.

Is it Profitable to Trade With Forex Fury?

The developers claim that Forex Fury has a 93% winning record. And they have 15-year backtesting data to back up their claims.

This powerful Forex EA’s tried and proven SET files, as well as its risk tactics ranging from low to high, allow traders to achieve substantial returns on their investment.

Don’t worry; Forex Fury has solid proof for their claims. Keep reading to see the proof of this Forex bot’s excellent performance.

MyFXBook Genuine Trading Results of Forex Fury

Forex Fury does not make any bogus claims, as we previously stated. You can see reliable confirmation of this exceptional bot’s winning rate on MyFXBook.

Forex Fury’s trading results on MyFXBook are shown in the image below.

Forex Fury’s Latest 2K22 Version: BETA V5

Forex Fury strives to offer nothing but the best to its customers. Forex Fury’s developers are continually working on adding new features that will assist traders in winning more transactions.

BETA V5 is the most recently released version. It is superior to earlier versions of Forex Fury in terms of functionality and sophistication.

Some of the most recent additions to the Forex Fury BETA version are shown below.

  • News Filter Option 

For Forex traders, the news is extremely important. Because a country’s economic, political, and social news has a large impact on currency pairs, a trader must be well informed about all of the country’s economic, political, and social news.

In the BETA version, a new news filter has been implemented. Traders can use this function to get the latest market news. Traders can also use filters and searches to find specific news.

The second newly added feature is:

  • Activate or Deactivate SL/TP

SL/TP can now be enabled or disabled with ease by the trader. Thanks to the developing team for incorporating this fantastic feature into the BETA version.

Up next, on number three, we will talk about:

  • Changes to the Martingale Strategy

The Martingale approach in the Forex Fury BETA V5 version is highly aggressive. It can protect a trader’s position and investment in dangerous market situations.

Another excellent feature of the BETA V5 version is:

  • Money Management Adjustment Features 

Money Management Adjustments can boost a trader’s success and growth in the Forex market. It enables traders to reduce risk, maintain performance, and initiate more profitable positions.

On number 5th, we have:

  • Trend Filter

The Forex trader must be able to recognise trends and price movements. A trend filter is a unique feature of Forex Fury’s BETA version. Traders can use this filter to select their preferred timeframe and monitor trends.

Traders can create a successful trading strategy by watching and recognising trends.

Real & Genuine Customer Testimonials for Forex Fury in 2022

Do you have any doubts that Forex Fury is a genuine Forex EA?

Take a peek at what others are saying about this powerful trading bot. Trustpilot users have given Forex Fury a perfect 4.3-star rating.

Is Forex Fury The Best Forex EA in the Market?

We can say that Forex Fury is one of the best, legit, and most advanced Forex EAs after looking at its Trustpilot ratings, over a hundred reviews from delighted customers, and the impressive results of MyFXBook.

Forex Fury Price Packages

Forex Fury offers two affordable price plans:

The gold package and the diamond package. Let’s discuss the features of each package below:

The Gold Package of Forex Fury

  • This package will cost you $229.99.
  • Each customer will receive one license for 1 live trading account.
  • Customers will also receive free lifetime membership, updates, and quick customer assistance.

The Diamond Package of Forex Fury

  • This package will cost you $439.99.
  • Customers will be given two licenses for active trading accounts and an unlimited number of demo accounts.
  • Customers will receive a free lifetime subscription, updates, and quick customer assistance.

Final Thoughts: Forex Fury Review

Investing in an automated trading bot is a wise decision. It helps traders save time, reduce risk, and open successful trades.

There are several Forex EAs to choose from on the internet. Traders must choose a powerful Forex EA that is proven to function. Selecting the incorrect Forex EA might lead to massive losses. As a result, you should devote some effort to finding the best Forex EA at a fair price.

The best Forex EA may safeguard traders from negative market situations, secure their capital, reduce the chance of losing money, and keep their trading performance consistent.

Forex Fury is one of the market’s most popular Forex Expert Advisors. To learn more about it, go to its website and social media accounts. It will provide you with additional details on the features, performance, and terms and conditions of this EA.

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