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Bihar wap in song | Bihar wap | BiharSong – A Campaign Anthem For Bihar

The song “BiharSong” has become a campaign anthem for the state of Bihar. It is a song about development that has been used by the BJP and Congress in election campaigns. The lyrics are pretty poetic. Bollywood has even covered the tune. But there is one problem: The language of the song is in English. BJP’s version is very different from the BJP’s, and the song doesn’t sound like it belongs in Bihar.

The JD(U) released its own version of the song, to counter the BJP’s defamation of the state. Its version of “Bihar mein ee baa” is a 2:35 minute long protest against another popular Bhojpuri song. The latter is a critical satire of the NDA government, the deteriorating law and order situation, and the government’s attitude towards migrant workers.

The BJP and JD(U) also released a song of their own in Bhojpuri. It is entitled “Bihar mein ee baa” and runs for two minutes and 35 seconds. The song is a response to the popular Bhojpuri song, “Bihar ka baa”, sung by Neha Singh Rathore. The song criticizes the NDA government’s performance in the state, the deteriorating law and order situation, and the government’s attitude towards migrant workers.

The singers and musicians of Bihar are known as the Robinhoods of Bihar. The song is a parody of the tiger dance, which is sung by villagers in Buxar. The dholak and other instruments are also part of Bhojpuri music. The dholak and the bhajaniya are a part of the Bhojpuri dance and are very popular on social media.

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