14 top color combos for your company’s logo

The secret to creating a great logo design is to start with the ideal color palette to represent your brand. Making a logo that is appealing color combination can prove challenging. We’ve put together two great color combinations that can be used in conjunction.

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Perfect color combinations of colors

Dark blue and bone white

One example is Barber. Barber brand.

For a more vintage style it is a great choice to choose an color that isn’t white, and also for an unsaturated accent color. The cool blue of the navy stands out beautifully against the warmer white background.

Fuchsia and blue gasoline

CupCake Dreams brand can serve as an illustration.

The warm and vibrant tones bring excitement and high expectations to any brand. The vibrant pink color is a nice contrast to dark color which makes the color appear more bright.

Moss Green on Beige

One example is Green Fingers, the Green Fingers brand.

Green is often connected to natural products. Many different kinds of greens. In this instance the moss-colored green is darker than the lighter beige counterpart. Together, they are able to create a natural-looking look.

Dark purple and lavender

One example would be an example would be Lavender brand.

The trick to designing logos is to use catchy and easily readable colors. In this instance we’ve used two distinct colors that are roughly the same color (purple). The darker purple is a hint of the company’s name and the light lavender color provides a pleasing background.

Black, warm red and white

One example is Mountain Tours. Mountain Tours brand.

The timeless color combination of black, red, and white is usually utilized to create the greatest effect.Black and white have the most striking colors which is why they are always clear and legible. Red is an uplifting, warm accent color.

Bright Blue and Dark Blue

One example is that of the Pet’s Palace brand.

The logo is the dark and light versions of blue. Blue is a popular color that is loved by almost all.

Dark gray and pink

A good example would be PX Studio. PX Studio brand.

Pink colors generally work well when they have a slight gradient effect. A dark, subdued gray can be employed to highlight the subject. Instead of settling for pure black, we create a personality by selecting a dark blueish gray.

80s Pink and Purple

One example is Rain Rover, the Rain Rover brand.

If you select the more youthful brands that is more youthful, it will help to brighten your colors. The striking combination of purple and pink bring the typical 80s color palettes to the present millennium.

Bright red and bright yellow

A good example is The Refresh brand.

Two extremely energetic colors form this stunning color combination. Yellow is a very vibrant color which means that almost every different color is darker, which is why it will it will stand out against this yellow backdrop. Red is the brightest color in the logo instantly and brings to mind the warm summer days and sunny beaches.

Eggplant purple and sunny yellow

One example would be Sunny Boy. Sunny Boy brand.

The color yellow can also be used to create subtle effects. In this instance we employ this result to provide the background a bright and cheerful look. The dark purple color of the eggplant creates a very striking logo.

Gold on Black

One example is The brand The Greatest.

There’s nothing prettier than gold against black. Applying a subtle gradient to the light brown-yellow color will give you a convincing gold foil appearance. Ideal for high-end brands.

Taupe on teal

One example is the name TreeHouse.

These fuzzy colors blend beautifully. You can see how a cool dark color is beautifully contrasted with warmer, lighter color.

Royal purple and bright red

VanderWild brand is an example of this. VanderWild brand is an example.

The color royal purple appears like black, but makes the logo more appealing color combination. The logo, when paired with the bold red monogram instantly makes it clear from an in-between distance.

Cool dark gray

One example can be seen in that of the Vintage Toys brand.

The logo is a mix of cool and warm colors which work well. The dark gray color with an underlying blue-green tone works nicely with the bright red. The reality that both colors aren’t exactly pure gray or pure red makes for an interesting color palette. If you need to find the best graphic design talent a international recruitment agency can help you.

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